Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Marvel Comics Pays Vox Day a Supreme Compliment

How do you know when you're winning? When your enemies try to make you look and feel bad by doing a Take That Straw Man villain of you in their material, but overdo it and make you cooler than Char Aznable and thus them look like the pathetic shits they really are in the process. Behold the epic own-goal that is Marvel's attempt to make Vox Day look bad:

Of course the Supreme Dark Lord noticed. He's flattered, and I concur that this is an "of course" move by SJW-converged Marvel Comics that they do take Arkhaven Comics as a threat. Why? This comment at Vox Populi nails it:

Given the lead times of most comics of around 6 months, the FreeStartr campaign ending in October (and the several months lead up to that), we're right in line with them deciding to make Vox a villain when he moved to get into comics.

This is intentional. And some free advertising.

This is another sign that the Culture War in the United States turns against the Left. Decisions like this are freak-out reactions, not logical policy moves. What this decision reveals is that the SJWs use the Inhumans much like they use the Mutants: as stand-ins for themselves collectively. ("We not normal! We're special and unique individuals who have to get away from the normies to survive and thrive!") Just as anti-Mutant genocides are used by SJWs as Rhetorical screeds against Civilization (whatever the actual substance may be), so is this a veiled screed by the SJWs against Vox Day- and the confirmation will be if any other related tells show up. ("Vile Minions", "Dread Ilk", etc.)

Now to see if DC Comics, Image, or IDW put out something similar. SJWs tend to coordinate their hit-pieces, so if Marvel's doing this then we can expect more of the same to come out of seemingly-independent (even opposed) outlets in short order. I hope they do; nothing would make me happier than knowing that the SJWs in comics fear Vox Day and what he can do- having seen what he's done to their friends in Traditional SF/F Publishing to date. Go on, SJWs. make me laugh like Ivan Throne.

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  1. Bradford,

    But as I pointed out at Brian's blog, it"s Europe and Latin America that worries very deeply. There's a pincer movement with the Moslem invasiion in Europe and Cartelnacion in Latin America.

    Venezuela, El Salvador and now Mexico are falling under the sway of cartels of 1 kind or another. Nicaragua will most likely spiral towards a Venezuela type situation.

    So in North America, we need to find allies in those 2 regions and begin the counterattack now.



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