Sunday, July 1, 2018

Let The MCU Burn Itself To Ash

I told you the MCU was Kill. Here, have it rubbed in your face.

That's a promo for the upcoming TV series.

And they waste valuable time on Muh Privilege, signalling that this show, MCU TV, and increasingly all of the MCU is not to be taken seriously as entertainment. If you want your money to go to people who hate you and want to lecture you to death, you're a damned fool; crazy street preachers do that for free and you can troll them back.

You've got Ethan Van Scrier, the Diversity & Comics guy, Arkhaven Comics, and more out there keeping alive the real comics that entertained generations before the smart money left and the SJWs arrived. Find something one of them does that you like and give your money to that guy instead. Turn your back on an MCU that doesn't care about you and let it burn itself to death by its incompetence.

In the meantime, at least you've got My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man to keep you busy until the new and faithful indies produce a renewed wave of TV and film adaptations. Go read and watch those for your superhero itches.

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