Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Alex Becker: Sink "Solo" To Save Star Wars

The World Class Bullshitters aren't the only ones making the case that Mouse Wars is a dumpster fire unworthy of your support.

This is Alex Becker. His normal beat is financial and business related. He's also a Star Wars fan. He's been on this for a while, but I'm posting this video because he puts in 17 minutes why Solo has to bomb for the franchise to recover- and rightly juxtaposes the failure of Star Wars vs. the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Five solid reasons in just over 15 minutes, chief being the utter incompetence of Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy as the cause for all of the problems (and compared against Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who's leadership and competence directly led to the massive hit that is Infinity War).

Don't give money to those who hate you. Don't be a PayPig. Paypigs are losers.

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