Monday, May 7, 2018

The Coming Collapse of Dr. Jordan Peterson

Last week, the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day turned his baleful gaze upon Dr. Jordan Peterson. He wasn't keen to do so, until enough people told him what Peterson pushed to pique his interest, at which point the full power of his intellect got brought to bear on the man and his work.

It's not over just yet, and it's not looking good for Peterson.

You can see this take place on his blog, starting here. There is an accompanying Darkstream video, which I'll embed below.

I urge you to read all of the follow-up posts, and watch the follow-up Darkstream videos, to see how Vox Day's inquiry into the man progresses from curiosity to condemnation. Why? Because it will make both today's Darkstream and today's appearance on Alex Jones far easier to see in their proper context.

Vox Day won't be the direct cause of Peterson's collapse. However, by talking about this in his own outlets and appearing on friendly ones like InfoWars, he's handing to those that will break Peterson the techniques and tools necessary to make it happen. Some folks who already can make use of such things showed that they're ready and willing to do so (such as Alex Jones), and more will do so soon. Once Vox's conclusions, and how he got there, disseminate widely then the rhetoric will come and Peterson is done.


Because Vox Day is right almost as often as /pol/ is, and /pol/ is always right. Peterson's collapse will be brutal.

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