Monday, April 2, 2018

Brilliance in Action: Sabaton's Cover of "Kingdom Come"

Few things capture the moment like the perfect marriage of music and motion picture. This is one of those very perfect marriages.

Manowar and Sabaton are two of the best bands ever. "Kingdom Come" is a great song, and also a great game. Having Sabaton cover the song as part of promoting a game of historical fiction is genius, and this video is a masterwork of video production. It doesn't get much better than this, not without spending stupid amounts of money.

Like I needed another reason to love Sabaton, or to get this game, but there's more to be gotten from this video.

The lyrics. Go on, listen again and pay attention to the lyrics. For all of you in the #PulpRev crew, you can't help but to notice how uplifting they are. The presentation of these lyrics adds to their power, magnifying the effect upon the listener. When listeners open themselves up, it's an incredible experience of beauty and majesty- an echo of the Divine.

And that leads to inspiration.

I'll talk more about this in my specific case later this week at the Study, but I know that many of you who celebrated Easter yesterday can (and do) gain far more from such a song than those what do not and I would not be surprised to see that many of you added this song to your playlist of music to write by.

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