Friday, March 23, 2018

World Class Bullshitters: Mouse Wars Messes Itself Some More

It's Friday. Unless you're into Ancient Aliens, chances are good that there's nothing on TV worthy of you attention. That's where the World Class Bullshitters come in, and man do they have an episode for you this week.

In this episode, see:

  • How Mouse Wars put mission-critical plot elements into the audiobook of The Last Jedi but not the movie.
  • How Mouse Wars introduced elements that fundamentally undermine the entire paradigm of the setting.
  • How Mouse Wars demonstrated such fundamental incompetence at storytelling that no one involved is fit for purpose.

It gets worse. Have booze handy, folks.

There's a bonus. Here's part one of a two-parter on the decline of Star Wars; I'll post part two when it's up.

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