Saturday, March 10, 2018

Geek Gab #134: Slay the Spire, A Wrinkle in Time, and Hurricane Heist!

Today's Geek Gab is a good one, folks. We're talking (well, Warpig rants about) A Wrinkle in Time and you want to make time for this episode.

I am not at all surprised that Oprah fucked up the book to serve the SJW Death Cult narrative. When NBC Nightly News gives your film air time to shill for you, that's a tell of how horrible your film actually is and that's one of the reasons you should not go see this bullshit waste of celluloid.

Fortunately the review of Slay The Spire and the developments in game design that lead to its creation are enough of an antidote to allow you to avoid reaching for the bottle that Oprah's poz-prompted pomposity would otherwise inflict upon reasonable people. And it looks like The Hurricane Heist is a solid Redbox Rental.

I've come to look forward to the Gab on Saturdays now, and I see that we've got a reliable regular turnout. That's a great thing to see, as it means that the Gab has a solid core audience now willing and able to tune in when the show it live, but now that chat is a persistent thing (which YouTube copied from Twitch, for a good reason) folks who watch after the fact can now also see what they had previously missed: the live chat. That should go some ways to further expanding the audience that can't be there live, as what's in the chat is often as entertaining and interesting as what Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal go on about.

As a bonus, here's Raging Golden Eagle talking about the success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and why it shows that SJWs are really a toothless tiger that gamer and developers should never take seriously- and instead shun, shame, and shut out utterly.

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