Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Omelas Runs on Child Sacriface- YOUR Children. Walk Away.

The Eloquence of Elocution, Razorfist, had a couple of good rants recently about Hollywood, #Pedogate, and #MeToo. Time to watch.

It is already clear that the Hollywood narrative has issues. Crazy Days & Nights (see the sidebar) is a long-time documenter of the massive hypocrisy that is institutional in that business. It has counterparts in publishing elsewhere in the West, and you can count on there being foreign counterparts. The pedo network, and the degeneracy it fosters, is global and multi-polar.

But it is not invulnerable. First, and foremost, it requires we to feed it. With our money, and our lives- and those of our children. Simply cutting that off will--and has--hurt it significantly. Don't buy their books or albums. Don't go to their shows, live or otherwise. Don't subscribe to their services. Don't feed the beast that seeks to devour you and yours. That's a good start towards ending this problem.

I talk a lot about "Fork and Replace". This is part of that process. Cutting the pozzed out, then replacing them with alternatives, by ceasing to do business with the former and exclusively dealing with the latter, is a practical and actionable plan that you can do right now. If you don't see why, read that article from Brian Niemeier that I just linked to above; you're part of the problem.

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