Sunday, January 28, 2018

Geek Gab: Come For The Books, Stay For The Sales Seminar

This is yesterday's Geek Gab podcast. It's Nick Cole talking about how he and Jason Anspach took their Galaxy's Edge series and made it a huge hit on Amazon. In the course of this episode, questions I planned to ask in a bonus post at the Study got a crystal-clear answer that made such a post moot so I scrapped that post. That's right, folks: this podcast gave you enough information that you can actually put together a checklist-level of plan that you can follow through upon.

So why am I posting it here and not at the Study? Because this is not just about selling books on Amazon. It's about selling anything on a virtual storefront with a keyword-driven algorithm to push that reach and get more sales. Amazon isn't the only site where this sort of issue applies; it's just the biggest. Books aren't the only thing being sold on Amazon, and everyone ought to pay attention to what's at issue here so they can revise their sales plans accordingly (since no one reading this can rely on massive ad campaigns like Capcom or Sony can).

If you can't listen to it right now, then listen to it when you can make the time. This is knowledge you will benefit from gaining and mastering.

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