Saturday, November 18, 2017

Justice League: Wait For Redbox

A handful of people who's opinions I trust on films have seen Justice League and now offer their takes on it. Geek Gab was the most recent, done two hours or so ago by the time I make this post.

Then comes the Midnight's Edge crew, with their review and a follow-up on why cinematic universes by people other than Marvel usually fail. (Hint: They do it wrong, all wrong.)

I am paying attention. This is far more than most in film, television, comics, or novels are bothering to do as they routinely fail to get the points put forth in the second Midnight's Edge video. The fact that Hollywood shot-callers routinely get this wrong shows how incompetent they are, which makes more and more sense as more and more scandals regarding their predation upon the vulnerable (and the corrupt culture of degeneracy they foster) becomes too obvious to ignore. (If this is why you're in the business, then you don't care about making good product; you just want to keep the gravy train running, so you might as well be a SJW since you're that bad.)

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  1. Bradford,

    If you were a movie head honcho how would you ensure that the Non Marvel cinematic universes are good quality?
    I leave aside the purged we need to get rid of the dengerates as that's obvious.what else can we do?


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