Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Razorfist Presents: The Shadow: DANGER IN THE DARK (Radio RE-CREATION)

Today being Halloweeen means something spooky should be shared. Well, this is only truly terrifying if you're a criminal, but it's got that spooky factor regardless. It's Razorfist's recreation of another lost episode of The Shadow's radio show, one of Orson Wells' episodes, with the man himself as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow. They even included all of the original advertisements, so get ready for Blue Coal spots along with your Knight of Darkness. Conde Nast, do yourself a favor and just put your blessing on this already; he's done far more to promote your property--for free--than you have in years. (I have a rant coming on this topic, which I will post tomorrow.)

If you missed his previous recreation, The Immortal Murderer, go here. For his two part retrospective on the property, go here and here; he does know his stuff. For more of the actual radio series, it's found on YouTube in various channels, so start here and look for more from there.

The old pulps dominated our culture for a damn good reason: they were good, and few were as good in as many media as The Shadow. His influence remains strong to this day, mainly through his imposter-cum-successor Batman, but you need not go to far to find other threads. Much like E.E. Smith's role in founding Space Opera, Walter B. Gibson (as Maxwell Grant) made superheroes what they are.

We need this back, badly. Fortunately some of us are doing something about that.

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