Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Narrative Warfare: YouTube Declares Itself "Context Curators"

Yesterday, YouTube announced that it will actively and aggressively engage in thought-police behavior on its platform. It will target channels and videos deemed "hateful" and shadow-ban them. Comments will be shut down. Monetization will be denied. Visibility in searches will be eliminated. Referrals will be shut off. In short, the videos will exist but on a "dark" basis- if they exist at all. Channels can, and will, be likewise handled.

Nevermind the Free Speech issue. This is stupid purely for business reasons, and yet is on those grounds that YouTube does this. By actively intervening in the commerce of traffic on the site, YouTube removes their strongest protection against users' criminality as they heretofore could say--honestly--that they only provided the metaphorical space for commerce to occur and were hands-off on what users did with it. Now they're on the hook for everything, as they implicitly sign off on everything uploaded there.

That way lies madness, as we now see with every little dictator wanting to yoke YouTube to their will. If YouTube were merely incompetent, instead of fully converged by SJWs from top to bottom, that could be easily fixed. But they are, so it's not.

While there's a reasonable shot that sufficient public exposure and negative feedback can put a stop to this, it will only do so for a time before the SJWs try it again with a new costume. Unless and until the company's SJW infestation is cleared out, and then proper safeguards put in place to prevent more entryism (difficult with Alphabet, the parent company, also wholly converged), resisting this is at best a rearguard action to buy time while the Alt-Tech crews get competitors up and running.

Yes, I'm talking about moving your operations off YouTube. For the folks hyping Vidme, the Supreme Dark Lord revealed yesterday on the Darkstream that they're already just as converged by SJWs as YouTube is. Vimeo is also just as converged by SJWs. Dailymotion and Minds are your best bets until a proper replacement for YouTube arises- and I would not lean too hard on Dailymotion either.

There's one big reason to oppose this: You do not define what is "harmful"- they do! The entire point of a Free Speech policy is to put the onus on the users, especially in a medium where you can just not watch what you don't like. By doing this, they're going beyond any actual sense of harm reduction and going into flat-out manipulation of cultural context. To that end, "harmful" means whatever the controllers want it to- and that means that the rule is nothing more than Color of Law cover to let them do whatever they want to you. It's the same gaslighting scam domestic abusers and totalitarian dictators use to mindfuck their victims- and you're a sucker to buy into it no matter the time or place.

For now, most of you can help things best by spreading the word and getting the email cannons primed and ready once more. In addition to sharing this post far and wide, share the videos I'm embedding below (and any others on the topic you find). Oh, and while you're at it start looking at alternatives to Google's other services (that are not converged by SJWs), since Jordan Peterson had all of his Google access shut off briefly the other day- and without that, goodbye YouTube and Gmail.

You got it, it's Narrative Warfare. And speaking of "creating context", it's about time I start tackling that idea a bit more forefully. Stay tuned.


  1. It won't last. Google is cutting off their nose to spite their face. The connections they are severing effectively remove one of the services they provide - referrals. Once some clever fellow figures out how to provide that connectivity as a third party, the shadow ban will lose all power. Then YouTube will have to double down and go full ban.

    1. Sounds like ripe territory for Alt-Tech to get engaged. May be a low bar for entry to make this happen.