Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Fan Convention Faces Obsolescence

If any of you are expecting me at CONvergence 2017, you're going to be disappointed. I won't be there, for reasons I talked about on Sunday of last year. (You can read those reasons via this link here.) I will not attending any conventions anywhere unless and until I am convinced that the convention in question (a) isn't SJW-converged and (b) actually does something that the Internet doesn't do just as well (if not better) for less. (Yes, that's right; I argue that conventions don't provide sufficient value to merit the expense of attendance.)

And, much like I don't give two shits about "the theater experience", neither do I care about "the convention experience" either. You want to keep the convention as a thing in itself relevant? Add value that the Internet cannot possibly match. You'd think this would be "more live events, streamed live", but few bother even trying and aside from BlizzCon even fewer can figure out how to do it properly (and BlizzCon cheats by outsourcing to DirectTV).

Make that "supporting membership" mean something, you stupid SMOFs, and maybe you'll not wither and die in the Internet age. If not, then die in a fire, and take your wretched cliques with them into the incinerator.

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