Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Razorfist Reviews Tekken 7 (or "How to Critique a Genre with Aplomb")

Razorfist reviews Tekken 7. The critique of the entire genre of fighting games is merely the byproduct of using Area of Effect attacks on a single target.

I mentioned at PulpRev on Monday of this week the importance of having as large a vocabulary as one can get. I said so in the context of writing, but what our Arizona Annihilator here demonstrates is how important it is for the spoken word media also. (That, and the importance of Charisma; Post-WOTC D&D lied to you, kids- Charisma is NOT a Dump Stat.)

Razorfist knows his audience by now. He knows not only what to say when communicating his opinion on the game, but how to say it--to present it--so that any emotion-based interference is minimized. Yes, folks, that's right: he knows how to use Rhetoric to clear out as much noise for his Dialectic as he can. That's how you maximize your effectiveness in communicating with a mass audience; first you seize the feels, and then you bring the reals.

Failure to comprehend this is why many a would-be influencer utterly fails at their purported goal. Take care to notice, being that he is using a video to do this, how well Razorfist incorporates complimentary video images to punctuate his points- both in what he uses, and how. As with his words, his video and audio clip exploitation is fantastic, such that he can (and does) hammer home a point with the video that his words alone may not quite achieve.

The final part I want you to grasp is the one that SJWs avoid like vampires do the sun: verifiable facts. Sure, he hits you with rapid-fire with a Vulcan cannon of verbiage, but you can jot down each fact used and check it out for yourself. Lesser imitators see this as nothing more than baffle-with-bullshit and try to do just that, but Razorfist sees how potent this really is when you bother to have the truth on your side. (See his video defending Michael Jackson.)

Nevermind his Hugo nominations. Razorfist's continued demonstration of mastery over both verbal and audio-visual language, both usage and vocabulary, is fast approaching the levels where film school hipsters start genuflecting in hopes that Senpai will notice them. (He won't.) He's one of the true successors to the best journalists of previous generations, and not the psuedo-literate corp of cunts in the legacy media and its online counterparts. (READ! ANOTHER! BOOK!) You would benefit a lot from watching, and studying, his videos no matter what medium you work your own wordsmithing wonders in. John C. Wright admires the man for a reason, and that's plain when you grasp the matter of language in communication.

(Shoutout to his partner, Terran Gell; Razorfist couldn't be who he is now without Gell being Kato to his Green Hornet.)

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