Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Life in Fandom: The Launch of "Astounding Frontiers" Magazine

The folks at Superversive Press held one of their regular roundtable podcasts yesterday afternoon. Block out a couple of hours and have yourself a listen. They talked about the pulps, PulpRev, and how this movement (and Superversive alongside) will displace the SJW-converged traditional publishing complex centered upon the New York-London axis and supersede it after the complex collapses under its own weight due to its convergence-compelled incompetence.

The next step towards that victory happened today: the launch of Astounding Frontiers, a new fiction magazine dedicated to entertaining its readers with tales of wonder and adventure- something said complex routinely fails to deliver (and thus alienate readers by the millions).

This is the sort of thing that has to happen. We can't wait for someone else to save us, or for someone to hand us a solution. We have to do it ourselves, and that means building up alternatives to the SocJus death cult's stranglehold on our culture. All we need to do is to satisfy the audience's demand for quality storytelling that gives them something to imagine, to enjoy, to relieve them of their dreary day-to-day existence and give them something that satisfies the desire for a life more than drudgery and death.

And not to preach at them.

The best examples will be those that don't talk down to the reader, don't lie to the reader, and don't bore the reader. This was the brilliance of the old pulps, the classics that still endure to this day despite all of the shoving down the memory hole that went (and goes) on. It's no mistake that the most popular media franchises in the world root themselves in the pulps and--despite mismanagement by entryist SJWs--still get the best reaction when they are loyal to that spirit.

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