Monday, March 27, 2017

Geek Gab & Metro City Boys - These Are The Hotness!

My two favorite podcasts were on FIRE this weekend.

Geek Gab's latest episode was a great one. First a recap of the petty drama surrounding the launch of The Corroding Empire, and then an excellent rant by Daddy Warpig regarding Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix. It's better when it's live, as half the fun is being in the chat and interacting that way. You want to be there live for this one if you can. Saturdays, 2pm Central Time (usually).

And then there's the Metro City Boys, whose episode last night had the return of Wayne June (the Narrator for Darkest Dungeon, among other things) and this time brought on the Creative Director for the game- Chris Bourassa. This was two and a half hours of goof, fun, and laughter and like the Gab you're best off being there live for this. Sundays, around 6-6:30 Central Time (barring gremlins), usually. Sometimes the notification Tweet even goes out in English!

These two podcasts are all that's good in fandom: passionate people, engaging with what they love--sometimes critically, sometimes not--and sharing that love with anyone wanting to enjoy it themselves. If you can't be there live, subscribe to one of their feeds and catch it after the fact. You won't regret it, and it's only going to get better for both of them from here.

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