Friday, February 24, 2017

Razorfist: "Milo, Meet The Media: A Rant"

Videos like this are why I follow Razorfist. Go on, watch for yourself. Let me embed this for you.

He gets it. There's not much more to add here, other than that this keeps happening because most American states don't make this sort of thing a criminal offense. (Minnesota does. It's why that doesn't go on much here.) If there is one significant reform to be done regarding the media, it is in making these hits a crime- and it should be a felony offense, akin to murder, because the severity of the damage is not much less than killing a man.

These hoaxes have to stop, and sticking a gun to the hoaxers' heads with sanction to execute for non-compliance will get it done. Societies and communities cannot function properly when lying, hoaxing, and fraud are widespread occurrences with little or no punishment. Eroding the public trust cannot be tolerated, for any reason, at any time, to any degree, by anyone- and when the media does this coordinated hit job that's exactly what they are doing.

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