Saturday, February 25, 2017

Narrative Warfare: The Gatekeepers Know Fear

The White House recently declared the Establishment media as an enemy of the American Nation. They announced that the God-Emperor will not attend the White House Correspondants' Dinner. The more hostile corporations are getting outright shunned from pressers now, in favor of smaller outlets with superior integrity (e.g. Breitbart). Since taking office, the God-Emperor cuts a weekly video to be posted to the official YouTube channel summarizing the big moves of the week and other plans of note in that moment.

In short, we're seeing that the God-Emperor is well-aware that the Internet exists and that it allows him to cut out the legacy media corporations, and instead communicate directly with the American Nation. He is not shy about exhibiting this fact either, and his advisors (especially his son, Donald Jr.) especially so. The Establishment media is furious about losing their gatekeeping power to shape narratives, and you can see this in the tells exhibited whenever one of them writes (formally or not) about the God-Emperor and his media decisions.

The idea is plain: they do not like, and will not tolerate, any loss of prestige (because, for them, prestige IS power) due to how they use it to mindfuck populations into thinking only in lanes that they control, and control over what is allowed to be heard translates reliably into what political policies are allowed to be implemented and enforced. Because the Internet doesn't forget, we are now able to see the effects of this control over time, and we are also able to contact people internationally to get independent confirmation of claims made by others. (e.g. The Partinsangirl regarding Syria)

It's hard to keep a herd moving where you want when they start breaking your containment, and that's just what's been going on with the Internet regarding the Establishment. Narrative warfare is their means of containment, and the Internet allows people to break it; if the shaming and shunning doesn't work, the next step will be to infiltrate and sabotage upstarts (i.e. the classic Social Justice Warrior campaign of corruption, subversion, and convergence), followed by lawfare and (deniable) warfare. (See John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man; the pattern described to be used vs. third-world nations is SJW Convergence writ-large in a different context.)

The Fourth Estate is really the Fifth Column. We are wise to proceed accordingly, from the minor leagues that is the gaming press to the billionaire blogs (Washington Post and New York Times), the Establishment media is--as revealed by their deeds, nevermind their words--exactly as the God-Emperor said: the enemy of the American Nation. Shut them out, utterly. Then their fear will become terror, and in their terror they will frighten themselves to death.

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