Friday, January 6, 2017

War Is Upon You.

War does not care about your virtue. War does not care about your status. War does not care about your fervent passion for peace, harmony, or tranquility. War does not care about who you are, or what you are. It cares only that you either resist or submit when comes upon you, because War is sufficiently strong that it changes the very reality of your life to that of itself for as long as it lasts- much like being caught up in some weather disaster. Argue with the detonating bombs for all the good it will do; war is upon you- adapt or die.

And yes, War is upon you.

"But I'm special! I gave to charity to help them! I voted for the guy who would help them! I'm not like the others who didn't!"

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids- and none of that matters when those others wage war upon you and yours. They don't care, so it does not matter, and all your bleating and signalling is wasted time and resources that falls on deaf ears. It cannot, and will not, save you..

"But I don't believe in violence!"

War does, and it works very well indeed- the lying, hoaxing media lied and hoaxed you since childhood that this is not so. I'd have you ask the Scythians, but you can't- Rome killed them all. The military knows this. Law Enforcement knows this. The Deep State, nested in Spookworld, knows it so well that it builds generational plans around it. Either you kill that motherfucker, or you die and--if they are lucky--so do yours.

"But I'm protected!"

Like Hell you are. The armed services of the state are there to see to the security of the state- and you are NOT the state. You, rabbit, are utterly fucking expendable. They know it, and so do you; you just don't want to admit it. Those services will come for you if, and only if, they and theirs are secured and locked down; until then, you're on your own so if you don't want to die then you'd better be prepared to do for yourself.

War subsumes and consumes. That is why it is stronger than Peace, and only by burning itself out does it find defeat. Deep in your mind, in that place where you dare not look, you know this is true- and hence why your protests say more about your terror than anything else. War is upon you, whether you like it or not. Adapt or die.

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