Saturday, January 7, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Sargon of Akkad on The Ideological Roots of #BlackLivesMatter

Sargon of Akkad is one of the classic liberals on YouTube. Coming out of the United Kingdom, he's been one of the consistent calm voices out there. Like Stefan Molyneux, he's willing to do the digging necessary to fully bring out the information on the whole of the matter- and then adjust his positions according to what he discovers.

In the wake of this week's assault in Chicago by a quartet of young blacks--two men, two women--on a retarded white man, streamed live by one of the female attackers on Facebook, we are now confronted with undeniable evidence that there is a real threat against the public going on (which is routinely documented by Colin Flahterey at his YouTube channel) from those very "victims"- and fervently denied by the hoaxing media establishment, academia, and politicians using this as a weapon for power.

Let's not fuck around: #BlackLivesMatter IS A DEATH CULT!, just as the Black Panthers before them became.

This time, there is no "became". It originated as a death cult, it operates as a death cult, and it carries out its beliefs as all death cults do. A few changes in their dogma and they could be mistaken for ISIS hitters shooting up a target, blowing up with bombs, or running folks down with stolen trucks.

If they didn't have fellow travelers in positions of power and influence, they would've been hit with the RICO Act and rolled up into oblivion by now. That means we've got to deal with the traitors first before any real solutions can be implemented. In the meantime, naming and shaming will help because it will (a) show the normies that they are not wrong and (b) start putting pressure on the more vulnerable to get back in line or get the fuck out. Things like "This is why Trump won." work.

And yes, truly, incidents like this are why Trump won.

The narrative spin here is a clean coat of "They good boys. They dindu nuffin!", and the folks who haven't drunk the Kool-Aid know that such talk is a fraud. The appalling action of Chicago's police chief only made that worse. That they got nailed for hate crime charges at all is a small miracle, citing the victim's mental state as the reason, but the flip-side is that we all have confirmation that being white means you're fair game for the death cult.

And in time, this will only end badly- even worse than before. Once the Saxon learns to hate, things go from Fine to Not Fine on the turn of a dime.

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