Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Life as a Gamer: What I Nabbed at the 2016 Steam Winter Sale

The Steam Winter Sale concluded on Monday of this week. I picked up a few more games that I can't get otherwise for my PC, or would prefer to play on PC vs. the comparable console version.

  • Sniper Elite. The original one, from which the entire franchise (and its competitors) stem, which I haven't played yet. Looking forward to seeing Sniper Elite 4 for PC and console (PS4) later this year, but until then the original will do.
  • The Divinity Anthology: This is Divine Divinity (a Diablo-style RPG), its direct sequel Beyond Divinity, and then Divinity II (which is still a RPG, but very different). These are the three games that informed Divinity: Original Sin and its direct sequel.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowwind. 'nuff said.
  • Sacred 2 Gold: The direct sequel to Sacred (another Diablo clone) that, like Divinity II, switched to an entirely different control scheme and thus away from being the classic isometric action RPG.

In addition, I had a copy of Shadowrun Returns gifted to me by one of my Canadian pals, and I won copies of 100% Orange Juice, Tabletop Simulator in separate raffles. At this rate, my game backlog will soon match my reading backlog. Also, because this is the 20th Anniversary of Diablo, Blizzard cut the PC price of Diablo 3 to $10 for the base game, and the same for the expansion. (And yes, buying the bundle is $20.) So, since I had $10 on my Battlenet account I bought it; I need Reaper of Souls to get access to the Crusader and Act V, but otherwise I'm good.

Yes this means that my Steam Wish List is significantly reduced, but there's still a few things left on it. If you're looking for some last-minute writeoffs, help a man out; gift one of them, or a Blizzard game/expansion I don't have, or knock some stuff off the Amazon Wish Lists.

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