Monday, January 16, 2017

Fun Need Not Be Pricey

Every once in a while, I come across something that hits the right mixture of fun, absurd, and price that I have to snatch it up. Today it's a game on Steam, Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death. Normally it's $5(US) on Steam (and thus for PC), but I got it on sale for $1, and that's a price that's too good to pass up for what is (in essence) "Blacksploitation Movie: The Game".

Come on, that looks like a hilarious good time and you know it. So, of course Totalbiscuit--back in 2013--did a video about it.

You're not going to get the sort of top-quality product out of this game that you would out of, say, Space Marine or Sniper Elite 3 but that's fine. The sheer enthusiam and goofy quality of its subject matter, evocative of the old pulps and their successors the "Men's Adventure" paperbacks that informed classic Hollywood action films (and thus other videogames of this sort- it gets compared to God of War for good reason).

In short, this game is all about having fun, and that dedication to fostering a spirit of fun goes a long way. I'm looking forward to some goofy, silly, stupid action fun times with this game- especially for the skip-a-coffee price the Steam version goes for. It's not a marathon game like Skyrim, but it doesn't need to be (again, especially for the price of a trip to Hardee's). I'm looking at 15-20 hours, at the most, and that may be pushing it.

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