Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Narative Warfare: Fake News Is Not New

Paul Joseph Watson has a nice little rant about #FakeNews and the hoaxing mainstream media. Have a look, and then I'll get on with it.

As the rant mentions, we've had #FakeNews going on well before the God-Emperor Ascendant won the general election and became President-Elect. What it doesn't mention in specific in that video, but Paul (and his associates at InfoWars) have gone into in the years previous, is that making #FakeNews is all that the hoaxing media does. They are there to control information, not provide it cleanly and clearly. They are the primary organ of Narrative Warfare.

The CIA's Operation Mockingbird got exposed in the 1970s--before many of you reading this were born, I suspect--and with it came the revelation that the CIA inserted many plants into the media establishment and used them to promulgate social, cultural, and political narrative favorable to the agency's interests. In short, the very propaganda operations authorized for use outside the United States had also been used inside the United States and with great success.

Not that Mockingbird had much resistance in the U.S., for Hollywood had long been a willing collaborator by then, and the media corporations in New York City (and Chicago, et. al.) before that; Walter Lippman and Edward Bernays didn't get their experience as propagandists in World War I from nothing. Public Relations (and therefore Advertising and Marketing) is nothing more than the same #FakeNews techniques employed specifically to shill shit people don't need to them by lying to them about that very fact.

Before that, we had the incident that coined "yellow journalism", the Spanish-American War and the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine used by the media to incite it. The contempt expressed by Mark Twain for the media did not come from nothing, and that should be telling for you as to just how long #FakeNews has been a thing- especially with the New York-based publishing world in the U.S. and its London counterparts for the rest of the Anglosphere.

This is not beyond their notice, institutionally; media literacy is something they actively discourage. Why do you think they are so desperate to establish and maintain themselves apart and above common people (despite being no better)? So they can tell is black is white and expect us to comply. Journalism schools as a credentialism scam, official sanction by the state, tight integrate with the state--especially the Deep State--and now yet more pushes to use state power against competitors all reveal just how vulnerable these #FakeNews hucksters really are. Time to get rid of all of them- and be our own media.

TL/DR: The hoaxing media's been lying and hoaxing for generations. We're only now getting savvy to it in critical numbers and are able to do something useful about it- and that has them scared shitless.

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