Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In Case You Missed It: The Hillary/Podesta Emails Summarized

And that is NOT all. There is more coming, but what we have above is more than enough to make certain the following:

  • Hillary Clinton is guilty of several High Crimes against the United States.
  • Barack Obama is complicit on several levels in either covering it up, or abetting the act, making HIM guilty of High Crimes.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton are acting as agents of foreign powers, laundering bribes through the Clinton Foundation.
  • Chelsea Clinton is complicit in the laundering and thus also guilty of the larger crimes as an accessory.
  • The media establishment is guilty of covering up these crimes. Individual actors and corporations alike bear criminal guilt.
  • These actors conspired to commit all of the above.
  • These actors' actions, and conspiracy to do so, show an allegiance to a foreign power and thus constitute acts of Sedition.
  • Combined, this is treason, and failure to punish according to the law these acts is itself a criminal act by those obstructing justice.
  • Get the gallows ready and call up the firing squad; the penalty for Treason at the Federal level is death.
  • A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote for Treason.

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