Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Razorfist Shows You How To Become Someone on a Dime

Hugo Award 2016 Nominee Razorfist returns with a new episode of his Metal Mythos series. This one is about Accept, and I'll let the video do the talking here. Get the popcorn, get comfy, and come back in an hour.

Enjoy that? Good. Now, I want you consider the follow:

  • It's just him and Terran Gell.
  • It's just what their resources allow.
  • It's still better than many professional outlets with several orders of magnitudes more resources and personnel have at hand.

Yeah, he's been doing videos like this for a while, so he's got experience and (most important) confidence going for him; go watch earlier videos of his, and you will see the difference in both what he does and how he does it. That's good for you to know, because it means that you too can get on his level just by doing the stuff. Make your videos, put them up, and then go make another video. Keep doing it. Some will suck less than others; that happens, and it happens to everyone, so don't sweat it.

That's all it takes: persistence in effort, regularity in production, and the willingness to improve as you go. There will be ups and downs, and turns that you may not see coming, but you will get there if you stick with it. These Mythos episodes are themselves stories about ordinary people doing just that journey. Music, videos, writing, whatever- there is sweet fuck-all that doesn't conform to this formula for success. I'm pointing out Razorfist because he's doing this on a shoestring budget, on the sort of resources you can acquire without undue effort. Success is yours, if you're willing and able to stick it out.

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