Friday, October 7, 2016

Based Japan Shows Muh Diversity For What It Is: BULLSHIT!

Today's my birthday, so I'm having a good time one way or another. Let's get to it.

I saw this comic by Red Panels, and well I'm saving it because nothing destroys "Muh Diversity" and "Muh Representation" like pointing out that foreign counterparts do not give a shit about this crap and thrive accordingly.

Nailed it.

I fucking love the Ghost in the Shell, Gundam, and Macross franchises. I enjoy Record of Lodoss War, Cowboy Bebop, everything I've ever seen Miyazaki make (which is why he is the God of Animation), thought One-Punch Man was hilarious, and find even the older stuff to be far better than Western animation of that period in terms of storytelling (e.g. Fang of the Sun Dougram) and holds up well now. Little, if any, of the rot afflicting Western media is in place in Japan, and that is why they thrive globally. When they go superversive, they nail it like the fist of an angry god, creating beloved classics in the process.

None of this "Muh Diversity", or "Muh Representation", amongst them. You take manga and anime on their terms or not at all, and that is the cornerstone of the respect that they get in the world. The SocJus cult hates this, which is why they try so fucking hard to infect them and (as a fallback) control what gets out and how it's perceived.

God bless Based Japan. Just keep on showing us your best and brightest, and appropriate the hell out of the West; we'll do it right back, and soon we'll all be talking about who does cooking comics better.

On the off-chance that you feel like surprising me, let me make that easy for you. I have Wish Lists at Amazon and Steam>. Gift Cards for Amazon, Steam, and Battlenet are a-okay with me. Ditto for Christmas time in December.

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