Thursday, October 6, 2016

Narrative Warfare The SocJus Cult Shows Its Hand

So, Ricky Vaungh got banned from Twitter. Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) got shadowbanned. Both of them are Trump supporters, as are previous ban targets Milo Ynannoopoulis and Vox Day. While Gab is up and quickly eating Twitter's lunch, and Twitter's stock keeps falling as more information on how badly mismanaged and politically biased it is comes out, some folks are wondering why CEO Jack Dorsey isn't hanging from a lamppost yet.

Well, we have an answer:

Well, that is an answer. It's the most reasonable one given the evidence at hand. Saudi ownership, coupled with a SocJus cultist regime, use Twitter as a propaganda tool for their causes. Right now, that means stopping Trump and boosting Sick Hillary. They're targeting pro-Trump users with sufficient reach to influence daily and weekly cycles, and thereby monkey-wrench Narrative Warfare maneuvers. The reason is clear: they can't rely on the usual means to control the narrative, so they're targeting and silencing those able to lead memetic insurgencies against them.

The U.S. Establishment is not the only one to notice this power. The European Union has, and moves to thwart it:

You should expect more of this within and around the European Union now, following the lead of the People's Republic of China to implement a regime of technical and legal restriction designed to engineering compliance with the Narrative and exterminate resistance to it. The problem, of course, is that the Internet interprets censorship as damage and inevitably routes around it. Forks are emerging; Gab is the first to appear and acquire prominence over the others. Brave forks browser control away from Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google (all of which are wholly converged) while solving the revenue problem that plagues browser-heavy outlets such as Twitch. Another is due to announce itself in a few days, forking another major converged online organization.

This is why the SocJus convergence of many online and realspace institutions is bothersome, even damaging, but ultimately passing in its power. By diverting the converged organization away from the purpose that justifies its existence in favor of advancing its cult dogma and thus control over others, it weakens the organization and opens it to attack from a superior alternative. By going hard against users like Jack has done at Twitter, and others at Facebook have done, they push people to the forks even faster via the Streisand Effect.

Remember, folks: the common SocJus cultist isn't Sauron. He's not even Gollum. He's Gollum's retarded cousins from some fanfic a teen girl wrote to indulge her lust for Legolas. Let them fuck themselves over; it just makes victory for us come faster.

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