Saturday, October 8, 2016

The GOPe Stabs Trump in the Back

So, the Establishment is attempting to make shit up about Trump. Again.

As October Surprises go, this is shit tier. James O'Keefe's threat of some damning Hillary footage has more weight to it. This? This is just dudes talking about chicks. I've done it. My father did it. Every guy I know who isn't a wuss has done it, including the gays. The libs on my Facebook feed? Virtue-signalling on cue, to a man. (Especially the women.)

We miss you, Based Graham Chapman.

Goddammit, I expect my friends and acquaintances to know better than this. As Cernovich notes above, this is a coordinated hit on Trump that stems from the Globalist traitors in the GOP who rightly see Trump as an insurgent outsider threatening their lucrative scam on the American people. If Trump wins, he will reorganize the GOP. That means sweeping the cucks, traitors, and scum out of the party in favor of loyal, patriotic, and nationalist members- all of whom, like Trump, are actually fucking relevant to the current situation.

In short, this is a deliberate act of treachery by the GOP Globalists intended to sabotage Trump's campaign. They want to lose to protect their racket, as they believe themselves immune from the consequences of their actions. (Just as the Democrat traitors do.) Hans-Hermann Hoppe nails it here:

These people are idiots. Slightly less stupid are the people suckering them for cash in the guise of being an adviser or expert in their camp. The most stupid of these backstabs are the calls for Trump to drop out, again. That CAN'T happen. The reason? Early voting. Many states allow voters to cast their ballot well ahead of Election Day, meaning that millions have already received and cast a General Election vote. The ballots are already finalized and printed. Nothing short of death will do shit now, and these chucklefucks can't kill anyone without some General, Admiral, or the FBI Director giving the order.

So that leaves election fraud. This is why Wikileaks' continued release of Sick Hillary's emails is a big deal; it blunts that avenue of attack, and prepares Trump and his allies for a reasonable legal counterattack in the event that Crooked Hillary somehow wins. (Monitor the Electoral Collage; if there is a year for faithless electors, this is it.) There is no clean end to this election, and the level of treachery shown this time around will not be forgotten. We're talking levels of fuckup that we haven't seen in the U.S. since the end of the Seven Years War, when British attempts to recoup the expense led to the abuses that sparked American Independence.

Gollum's retarded cousin seems to come from a very rabbit-like branch, because there sure are a lot of fucking retarded morons out there pretending to be worthy people. Mr. Bones' Wild Ride never fucking ends. Nevermind solar; if we could harness stupidity as fuel, we've have limitless energy for eternity.

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