Thursday, September 1, 2016

Narrative Warfare: YouTube Begins the Purge of WrongThink

YouTube began demonetization of videos it deems unfriendly to advertisers. So far, all but a few targets are anti-SJWs. As many people pay some or all of their bills by way of ad revenue sharing, this attack by Google and YouTube is an attack on independent media. Sounds absurd? Let's hear from one of the most potent independent media figures as of this post: Mike Cernovich.

That which the Social Justice death cult controls is converged to serve the cult over all other concerns. (When folks like me refer to this phenomenon as "convergence", and things so afflicted as "converged", that what we're talking about: turning the org into a front for spewing forth death cult bullshit.)

The soft always precedes the hard. "Voluntary" measures always precede mandatory ones, and what this means is that the wise recognize this as the tell warning of the purge. This demonetization is the first soft step, aiming to starve independent media outlets out of business and thus preserve the Mainstream Media from that threat. The next will be channel closures going up in frequency and for channels that are not meant to provoke and outrage (such as Evalion).

Now, before this goes off on the Doom & Gloom train, let's think for a moment. As I write this post, I've chatted with one of the ladies who follows me on Twitter. It's been a moderate discussion, and we've come upon a point that I think is a silver lining: that this system is not really in the hands of either channel creators or advertisers. Rather, it's data-driven and bot-executed according to some algorithm with minimal human oversight- and those people are YouTube personnel. What I think would be beneficial for both creators and advertisers is for more human control, and by those two parties in particular, in this process.

In short, if I run a channel that does videos about handguns then I want to link up with an advertiser selling accessories for handguns such as holsters or travelling lockboxes. That's not how it works right now, and instead such arrangements must be done outside of any structure that YouTube provides. (There's that "Just make and maintain the damned road." paradigm again popping up; make it easy for people to access your marketplace, and do business there, but otherwise staying out of it.) Instead, it's being used to control what is said--idea propagation--and that's why I oppose it.

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