Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Yes, Virginia, SJWs Are Delusional

The response to the 1st Annual Dragon Awards has been nothing if not entertaining in its own right, right down to the predictable results from the SF-SJWs who are desperately trying not to look like they're scared shitless that the crap they foist via the wretched Hugos and the decrepit WorldCon just got its shit pushed in again by the real SF/F fans going to cons that actually want them there.

You've seen it all by now, so I won't belabor the point, but I'm going to hammer something that came over my feed last night that keeps cropping up like the Herp:

The Tweet Oliver replied to? The usual SJW thing about Muh Diversity and Muh Representation. Of course the coward nuked that Tweet when she got gainsayed good and hard, blaming Muh Mentions and so on. But, if you really want confirmation that SJWs in the writing and publishing world really are as delusional as advertised, and you hate your Sanity score, go on and check that nutball's timeline.

Of course, this means that it's time to summarize this insanity, which I did in part below:

It ain't hard to do something similar for Muh Diversity and the like. These cultists are so fucking retarded that they truly believe that their crazy bullshit ideology. They are so far into their echo chamber that they fail to see the collapse of the old publishing world, the one that they converged, as Amazon (and the self-published authors that increasing work with them) as well as new outfits like Castallia House kneecap them and leave them to be eaten by the zombie horde.

They can't create. The books festooned with all the honors that they can bestow sell for shit compared to competent writers who know how to do the hustle, and where to do it. (Just look at Brian Neimeier's Souldancer vs. N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Estate.) When put into a field that they do not control, and people are free to choose, they choose the stuff that's got competent storytelling that fulfills actual needs from the audience- which is not the SJW propaganda pap. Your race, sex, age, position about pineapple on pizza, etc. doesn't mean shit; your ability to tell a fucking story does.

Merit. SJWs don't have it, and you (and I) know it. That's why they have to rely on begging, bullshiting, and bullying to get buy while the rest just fucking write and publishing stuff people will actually pay for and read with joy. SJWs. Not even once.

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