Monday, September 5, 2016

LeoPirate: The #CONLeaks & Pro-Pedo Crash Override Network

Note: If Leo's video gets nuked, I'll try to edit in a mirror.

Look, here's the TL/DR: Leo's nailing it here. What these leaks expose is that the entire anti-Gamergate narrative is a bald-faced lie while they are guilty of everything that Gamergate accused them of doing. Conspiring to dox their enemies, organizing harassment campaigns to target their enemies in order to silence them online and nuke their income via disemployment, and using their media connections and industry connections to manage their narrative while damaging others.

Oh, and actively intervening to protect a fucking child predator. That's right, they protected a pedophile.

These chat logs confirm that Vox Day's Three Laws of Social Justice Warriors are tack-driving accurate and precise in being a correct:

  • Social Justice Warriors Always Lie.
  • Social Justice Warriors Always Double-Down.
  • Social Justice Warriors Always Project.

(Buy the book already and do yourself a huge favor.)

Aside from Cheong, who did a Heel-Face Turn and switched sides, all of those in these logs remain enemies of gaming and gamers. They should be dealt with as such, with no mercy due to being allies and enablers of a pedophile.

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