Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: Legion Delivers

Yeah, talking World of Warcraft again. Sue me. I like the game.

On my main character I'm at the new cap of Level 110. I'm now delving into the endgame stuff that Legion has to offer, and so far it is working as intended. I have plenty of things to do, things to do in the world areas--the open zones of the Broken Isles--that actually matter, and I am loving it.

Yes, my alts are being neglected, and that's because I'm wanting to get ready for when the raids open next week. Other than getting on my Priest to do the daily cooldown for the materials needed to make Hexweave Bags (32 slots; still the biggest I know can be made), it's been my main doing stuff and gearing up.

Look, Legion delivers. It's yet to fail to do what it set out to do. The scaling works as intended. The questing, both as you level and once at the cap, works as intended. The dungeons work as intended. I expect that the raids will when released for players next Tuesday. Even the Order Halls work as intended, both in the revised mechanics reused from Garrisons and their use as a coherent quest chain in its own right. Hell, even PVP is fun to do again, and I haven't enjoyed PVP since The Burning Crusade.

Okay, now I'm not going to say you should start playing if you have never been a WOW guy, but if you are a lapsed player then wait for a sale and buy in then. You'll enjoy what you get, even if you end up playing a different class or spec than you used to (because all of them are very different now).

World of Warcraft: Legion delivers. It is everything that Warlords of Draenor should have been, but was not. It is an apology, and I accept it as such.

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