Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do You Even Check Who You Follow on Twitter, Man?

I get plenty of Follows and Unfollows over a week. Most of the come-and-go types are folks who can't be bothered to actually check the timeline of whom they consider following. I have this as the Pinned Tweet on my timeline:

Which refers to this Tweet by Daddy Warpig:

The common pattern is that someone follows me, thinking that I'm going to be just like this other guy that also follows me that they follow, and then I retweet a whole bunch of stuff from folks they can't handle or freak out about or post links to blog posts they don't care about (or get offended at) and unfollow.

They didn't take the 30 seconds it would take to scroll down my timeline and see what I routinely Tweet or Retweet, and then consider if they want to see that in their Twitter feed before hitting the Follow button. They're being careless, and then getting mad when their carelessness bites them in the ass.

Really, folks, take the time you spend taking a drink out of your coffee mug to review that user's timeline. Your experience with Twitter will greatly improve just by doing this as a routine habit. You will not need to block people nearly as often, if at all. You will not need to mute people nearly as often, if at all. Abuse, harassment, etc. are easily handled by you choosing wisely whom to follow before you do so; stop being dumb about what is entirely within your control.

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