Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kek Wills It: Fork Alternatives NOW

He ain't kidding. The Establishment media complex has so thoroughly destroyed its credibility that no one of any sense takes them seriously anymore. I only care about the weather forecast, and now I double-check that against outside meteorological sources just to be certain. That, folks, is how bad American media is due to this election. No, it won't get any better. No, it doesn't deserve to recover; it's too far gone, so it needs to be put down, burnt to ash, and those ashes salted.

We have now exposed the Establishment media as being openly and wholly biased in favor of their own interests, which Sick Zombie Hillary represents this time around. Hit piece after hit piece thrown, only to be mocked and countered with irreverent meme magic that co-opts those rhetorical attacks and turns them against the Establishment. Meanwhile, that same alt-media now takes over actual reporting more and more. This has not gone unnoticed.

No matter how this election ends, or who becomes President of the United States, the damage done to the Establishment's primary means of day-to-day Narrative Warfare cannot be underestimated. The signs of that same Establishment looking to do something about it can be seen in the moves by social media corporations to actively suppress dissident speech, choke off distribution of dissident ideas, and cover their asses by handing off oversight of the Internet to the United Nations (and let states like Saudi Arabia have even more influence over it). That threat needs to be taken seriously, and it needs to be dealt with in the manner that the Internet itself operates: see it as damage to the network, and route around it as fast as possible.

That means forking alternatives, and then spreading word of them so they get the critical mass of users needed for the Network Effect to kick in and let it take over. I'm already set up at Gab.ai, and I think I'll set up at Minds soon also. I'm also aware that Vox Day and some of the Dread Ilk are also at work on forks of current popular social media, and I await their reveal and rollout. Forking decentralizes, and ruthless forking upon confirmation of convergence is necessary to ensure that the Internet remains decentralized enough to avoid conquest and closing of the frontier. Do it for Pepe. Kek wills it.

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