Monday, September 19, 2016

#The Kek Offensive: Shine On You Brilliant Shitlords

I got online today to find that Twitter is awash in Pepe memes, all part of a hashtag campaign to mock the living shit out of Sick Hillary and her gaff at calling Pepe a Nazi frog.

This is brilliant trolling, by some hilarious shitlords, and many a kek shall be had at the expense of Zombie Hillary. If you thought Trump's use of meme magic to transmute the Deplorables into power to fuel his momentum was something noteworthy, then the Kek Offensive should get your attention. Why? Because this is a popular resistence against a clearly shit candidate for one of the powerful government positions in the world, AND IT IS WORKING!

Here's a few (and only a few) of the ones I find most effective:

That last one was by professional political cartoonist Ben Garrison, so when you start getting profession shitlords on board you know it's going to blow up. This is meme magic in action, and it's already freaked out Heat Street enough to revert to its cuckish mean and apologize for it. (You morons; you know better.) And, in Kek's mercy, Pepe himself explains why meme magic is real and effective:

Gamergate was only the beginning. Now others have learned from it, and are employing its means and methods to fight their own battles. Listen to Pepe. Begun the Meme Wars have.

Shine on you brilliant shitlords.

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