Wednesday, September 21, 2016

YouTube Dun Goofed: YouTube Heroes

Well, we knew that YouTube has a serious Social Justice Warrior death cult problem--that it was converged--but why must they be so fucking predictable both in their schemes and in their incompetence? Here we have "YouTube Heroes", which is really just gamified snitching. I'm a bit late on this, as Breitbart already has an article on this bullshit.

Of course, this hasn't gone unnoticed.

Go on, see for yourself.

No one with a lick of sense does NOT see that this would be horrible. Be they moderate people within polite sensibility-

-or a thoroughly irreverent shitlord-

-is having this bullshit. It's being recognized for what it is: SJW Convergence mutating into Control Of The Narrative. This is the goal of SJW entryism: to repurpose the converged organization for the purpose of furthering control of the Narrative and spreading SJW influence elsewhere.

That's How Cancer Literally Works.

And that's why we say that SJWs are Literally Cancer, because by their behavior they demonstrate that this is so. Because cancer always kills what hosts it, that is why we say that SJWs are death cultists; what they converge they degrade and destroy, leaving naught but death and ruin in their wake. But, until it dies the cult continues to lie within lie to keep the lie alive for as long as it can- and that's what YouTube Heroes is: a lie upon a lie.

Time to fork YouTube, folks.

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