Monday, June 13, 2016

The E3 2016 Conferences & My Thoughts

Okay, as of this post I've watched the EA conference, the Bethesda conference, the Microsoft conference, the PC Gaming show, and the Ubisoft conference. Sony's in under three hours and one more tomorrow; I'll edit the former in later and do a follow-up tomorrow for the latter.

  • EA sucked so hard that it could vacuum every grain of sand from the Empty Quarter in seconds. Bland, nothing of note, lots of sportsball bullshit, and World War 1. Meh.
  • Bethesda sucked less. Fallout stuff. More Fallout stuff. Dishonored 2 gets gameplay demo and release date. Elder Scrolls console players get what PC has had for years.
  • Microsoft had a new console, a revised console, Windows 10 fuckery, lots of stuff we saw last year, and other shoot-self-in-foot stuff.
  • PC Gaming: Dawn of War 3 and a lot of other stuff I don't care about.
  • Ubisoft: Lots of stuff we saw last year. Some new stuff. The AC movie took too much time. Plenty of gameplay video and release dates. Sucked least so far.

Out of all the stuff I saw, all things VR bore me to death. Sports games bore me. Don't care about them. The pirate MMO, We Are Happy, Dawn of War 3, For Honor, and Dishonored 2 so far look like my thing. I expect Dead Riding 4, Halo Wars 2, and State of Decay 2 (which would be far more interesting WITHOUT the zombies) to be popular with the folks I hang out with online.

Sony delivered. They brought their A-game. They opened right. They announced Resident Evil VII. A COD game that may be fun after the first week. The next Lego Star Wars game we all knew was coming. Crash Fucking Bandicoot. Kojima teased his new game. The Last Guardian finally gets a release date. Some bad beats (indie shit, another zombie shooter likely built using the same tech as The Last of Us). The VR tie-ins, meh. But, overall, they win the event this year. Nintendo doesn't have a chance.

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