Friday, June 3, 2016

San Jose Gave Trump the Election

At Trump's rally in San Jose, California a riot broke out. Anti-Trump rioters attacked and did harm, even injury, to supporters who were not inside the event's location. I heard about it first over Twitter, which I'll get to in a moment, but first the reactions. Scott Adams was the man who first explained how and why Trump would be where he is now, and Mike Cernovich is certainly a supporter, but neither were all-in for him until now.

And this is the money quote, the one that will resonate forward on multiple levels.

Why? Because the media Establishment is in the tank for Hillary and will do whatever Narrative Warfare fraud is required to cover for her while damaging Trump. They are NOT neutral. They are NOT dispassionate. They are NOT giving you everything you need to know. Without men like Cernovich seeking out direct contact with these people, passing on videos of things that actually happened, we'd never know what really went on and a lot of might even buy the bullshit that Trump's at fault.

Instead, we know that the San Jose Police Department--on orders from the Major and the Chief--stood by and did NOTHING. (Which, for those insisting that the police are there to protect you, is proof once again that you're wrong; they exist to enforce the law and nothing more.)

We know now that the mainstream media refused to properly cover the events until shamed into it by social media postings going viral. (This too is the repetition of a known pattern of behavior.) Even now, some refuse to do so; they too are being called to account online, and one's already been suspended for making his employer look bad. (Yes, that's another Cernovich scalp.) It's not all bad news, and it's not largely because folks like you are using the tools at hand to tell it like it directly to the rest of us.

Oh, and this riot? Predicted well before the fact:

Take care out there, folks.

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