Saturday, June 4, 2016

"The Consequences of German Guilt" by Kraut & Tea

Sargon of Akkad went on holiday to Spain this week, so he'd had guests upload videos to his channel so the content keeps flowing. This video is by a YouTube user known as Kraut & Tea, who is like Sargon in his concerns and topics (albeit with a German vs. an English perspective). The description below is enough to get the point across:

The effect of the Holocaust on modern Germany.

Well, that's a new channel in my subscription feed. Well done, K&T.

I'll add the following to what he said: the common people do not accept that which is not direct and immediate in its impact upon them as being relevant to their lives. "Time heals all wounds." is the flip side to "It is the Doom of Men that they forget.", and you do not get one without the other; the injury done fades with time.

Now, couple that with the known phenomenon--seen in the video--that these Social Justice cultists are actually making the very thing they claim to oppose happen, and you now can see how the lessons of the past can fail to be applied to the present. The people of the present seen no signs--nothing clear, direct, or immediate--that the thing they've been told is a problem exists, so they forget about it. With vigilance lax, they fail to pay attention and so miss the tells that the problem returns. Then shit goes wrong, and they wonder why they got into this mess.

Historians cope with despair for many reasons, and willful ignorance is the worst of the lot. Con men prefer those who want to be fooled.

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