Friday, June 24, 2016

Praise Gaben! The 2016 Steam Summer Sale Is Here!

Wallets and bank accounts are screaming in terror, for the Steam Summer Sale has returned!

Yes, this is a big deal, even if you're not that thrilled with Steam and prefer a competitor such as GOG. Steam is the dominant PC gaming platform for a reason. Massive discounts on popular and well-regarded titles, both AAA and Indie. I've got quite the Wishlist there, and I'm looking to knock quite a few items off before its over.

The discounts are insane. Some are as great at 90% off, and not to obscure crap. The Witcher 2 is 85% off. Sniper Elite 3 is 80% off. Go to the Steam Store and browse, folks. You will find SOMETHING that you want, don't have, and are willing to pay for to get via Steam. Count on it.

If you want a challenge, do this: go get a $20 (US) Steam Card. Add that to your Steam account. That's your budget. Now, see how many top-tier games you can get and not go over that limit of $20. Go on, try it. You'll be surprised what you can get for that little right now, and it's on until 10 am Pacific Time on July 4th.

I'm going to get me plenty of RPGs, side-scrolling brawlers, and a few shooty games.

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