Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Working As Intended - The Media, SocJus, and Election Violence

Paul Joseph Watson nails what's going on in this short video, embedded below:

Let's review the Three Laws of Social Justice Warriors:

  1. Social Justice Warriors Always Lie.
  2. Social Justice Warriors Always Double-Down.
  3. Social Justice Warriors Always Project.

The mainstream media establishment in the United States, and throughout the West, is dominated by the SocJus cult and its fellow travelers in the Regressive Left, abetted by the Cuckservatives who are the token opposition. They claim to present the facts and other relevant information you, the common man, need to know to function in your day-to-day life. They don't. Their real job is to sell you on their cultural paradigm, and then reinforce that indoctrination, something that's been known to their own class (and their paymasters) for generations. They, literally, manufacture consent by lying to you in very specific ways on a frequent basis.

What Watson shows in his video is exactly how this plays out, using a current and relevant example, in real time. The MSM wants Hillary as President. They are willing and able to discriminate for her and against ALL of her opponents, not just Trump, and they do so brazenly knowing the following:

  • It is NOT illegal to be so biased in their coverage.
  • They can outright lie and suffer no lasting consequences of substance. (Brian Williams is back on the air, and will make his way back to the Anchor's Desk at the Nightly News in due time.)
  • So long as they don't anger any billionaries, even Defamation (the one thing they are liable for) is not an issue because few can afford to press such a case.
  • They had, until recently, an utter monopoly on the flow of information and thus control over the Narrative.
  • They know that not only are most people unfamiliar with proper logical argumentation (i.e. Dialectic), but that most people cannot and do not think that way, so they focus on manipulating the feels via Rhetoric instead.

And so we see endless covering for Hillary and equally relentless hits on whomever of her opponents seems best to hit that day, using journalism as a cover for public relations campaigns. (This, of course, is why many "journalists" sneer at journalism ethics; they're really Public Relations operatives.)

This is why assassination attempts against Donald Trump get but cursory attention, while the released DNC files get buried. This is why the rhetoric aimed at violence towards Trump gets excused, and then flipped as further rhetoric via victim-blaming him for those incidents. (That, by the way, is known as the "DARVO" technique.) That's why they lie about Trump's campaign finances, while ignoring all the illegal and unethical laundering Bill & Hillary do to make and grow their fortune. They want their (wo)man in office, and they're using the system that they created to get it done. This is NOT an aberration. This is NOT individual corruption or incompetence. This is institutional, and it's meant to be this way- and it has since its inception a century now.

Working As Intended.

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