Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Legion Hype: Choosing What Class to Play

When a MMORPG launches an expansion, what happens is that a new version of that game launches. The industry acknowledges this, and so do the users. Current and returning players take that opportunity to review what character they want to play when they go into the new expansion, and I have done this for Legion. Preach Gaming put out a video that I'm in agreement with, so I'll embed it below before I go on.

Remember, while Preach is talking about this as a raider, there's pertinent points for all players to take away from this:

  • Your Specialization is NOT your Class. You are a Warrior, NOT a Protection Warrior. Be prepared to fulfill ANY role your Class can do.
  • Play the Class that best aligns with what you are willing to do in the game, not what polls highest.
  • Being a good team member means you get more shots at getting what you want done. Being a doormat does not. There is a difference.
  • Be Fucking Prepared. Go outside the game itself to get all the info you need to succeed. Do what you can in the game to be ready for your team.

So, there you are. Go follow Preach on YouTube if you want more of what he has to offer, and I'll see you in the Broken Isles.

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