Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump Wins Indiana and Its Fallout

First, an aside: Tuesdays are reset days in the North American servers for World of Warcraft, so I went raiding tonight. While overall the experience was as crap as it was last night, I did finally get the Heroic Tier gloves that I'd been after. Now all I need comes from the final boss: Archimonde. Fuck this shit, I'm out to do Friendship Moose.

Okay, on with it.

As I write this, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won Indiana. Sanders gets to stick it out a while longer. Trump has his end sewn up. While it's still likely for Trump to face Hillary in the Fall, at this point it doesn't matter who he faces.

All of the pundits who gainsaid Trump's chances have been proven wrong. Back then, I said that Trump will win because the same phenomenon that put Ronald Reagan into the Presidency in 1980 have manifested again and are behind Trump. So far, I have seen that my perception is correct, and I am confident that Trump (short of being assassinated) will win in November.

The big change is Social Media. The mainstream Establishment media are increasingly shown to be corrupt, in cahoots with one party in particular (and their covert allies in the other, the "Cuckservatives"), and fully engaged in Narrative Warfare. Social media has bypassed this so effectively that the momentum has permanently shifted away from the extant Establishment towards said social media- and the Establishment knows it.

This is why the world economy matters. These elites are tied to it, and the foundation of this economy is the global system of independent central banks. Now that Trump--who knows this system and how to fuck with it, and has the motivation to fuck with it--is the nominee, and backed by a very angry electorate, watch this banker foundation turn on him. Globalism dies if he gets the Presidency.

And the international central banking system IS Globalism.

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