Monday, May 2, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: No Time For Losers

I'm about done with this raid team I've run with. They started out good. They cared. They respected each others' time. They showed up on time and properly prepared. They focused, did the job, and soon we had Archimonde down and ready to put him on farm. I was a happy raider.

Now? None of that shit. Nine hours spent this week, and only six bosses (of 13) killed. At the gear our raiding characters have, and the skill we possess, we should've cleared the entire raid from front to back in six hours AND farmed the final boss on the next lower difficulty for easy Legendary Ring upgrades.

Fuck that.

So, I've taken myself off the Monday invites entirely. Once I have the Tier gloves, I'm taking my main out of the team entirely and focusing all of my main's efforts towards helping Friendship Moose runs carry people to victory (and their Grove Warden mounts). I may bring my Death Knight alt, but aside from Tier gear and higher overall power (if I do Heroic or better, again), but I don't care if I don't. All I want is to finish the main's gearing.

So, once that's a thing, I can turn my attention to leveling more alts to 100 and doing what I need to get full epic gem-cutting access.

My time is valuable. I won't waste it on folks that don't appreciate it by reciprocating the work I put in to Git Gud and Stay Gud. Folks who run Friendship Moose respect that, which is why they are winners and I want to run with winners.

I have no time for losers.

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