Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm Down With Kukuruyo

Phil "I Love Pedos (and May Be One)" Sandifer tried to smear Spanish artist and Hugo Award nominee Kukuruyo as a pedophile due to a commission he did for a Ms. Marvel fan that depicted her in a lewd manner (w/o underwear). Private commission, for private consumption, of a fiction character. This led to said artist having to hash things out over his ad revenue due to SJW cultists attacking him via attempting to compel dissociation.

In short, they tried to attack his income and--via impoverishment--control him (i.e. silence him). This is worse than no-platforming; this is flat-out economic warfare via fraudulent communications. Lying to people as a means towards destroying someone's income is a criminal act. Relevant authorities should be contacted and supplied with all relevant information immediately, and the individuals involved should be added to The Complete SJW List immediately also.

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