Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Penny Arcade Nails It: Why No DOOM Review Copies for SocJus Cultists


SocJus, this is the future you chose. Now that you've revealed yourselves to be Fake Gamers and Fake Geeks, wholly incompetent to handle the matter properly, of course game-makers are cutting you off from that sweet swag gravy train- including review copies.

This is a welcome development. Also welcome is that prominent people in the community found their balls and begin calling the cultists out on on their bullshit. If Penny Arcade doesn't cave, and instead does something like the Dickwolves strip again, then others will follow that lead and PAX--the premiere gaming con--will start to suck less (i.e. the Code of Conduct getting shit-canned, and more), which will mean other cons will do likewise in due course.

The worm turns, and this is no simple worm, but Shai-Halud come to swallow whole those who wish to be Harkonnen but lack the ability.

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