Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Git Gud" is Good for Gaming

This video by Harmful Opinions nails it. If your job is to review games, then YOU ARE NOT ALLOW TO SUCK AT THEM! Incompetence damages your credibility and that of your employer as a reliable media outlet that the audience can trust.

As I noted the other day, shit like this is part of why you morons are getting your access eroded. Your incompetence damages their brand also, and they're sick of your shit. But no, you can't be bothered to fulfill the requirements of your job.

Why? Because you're not one of us--you're not a gamer--but instead a foreigner playing at being of our tribe. We embrace "Git Gud" because games are meant to be challenging, and we recognize that we're not all the same (and therefore equality of outcome is not a thing with us), but likewise we recognize that anyone who wants to put in the work (equality of opportunity) gets to make the best of what they've got (All People Are Not Equal).

In short, we're realists and meritocrats, which is why we're not buying this bullshit and want you liars, fakes, and frauds out of our turf. The sooner you and yours get the fuck out, the better all of us will be. Your Narrative Warfare is not wanted.

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