Monday, April 11, 2016

Work Must Be Worthwhile to be Done At All

One of the signs of a corrupt and declining society is the degeneration of the link between work and worth.

Work does not need to require a high degree of skill to be worthwhile. Work does not need to require a high degree of knowledge to be worthwhile. What it has to have is utility to the community, which means that it can't be expendable or fungible. There is worth to having a grocer in a community. There is not to having ten; the function is already fulfilled, and redundancy is not necessary.

Economies are machines, and machines are tools. They should be reckoned and employed as such, and not as the quasi-religions that we have now, but rather with the cool detachment of choosing which tool to use to fix a broken item.

That means a few things:
  • Economics is a matter of national security first and foremost.
  • Ensuring that the men of the nation have worthwhile work is paramount.
  • All work is not equal, but all necessary work is worthwhile.
  • Outsiders must be shut out until all men who can work are.
  • Men are satisfied when the work done matches their talents and interests.
Note, I said "national". That means the distinct people that comprise the lawful population. If I meant the government, I would've said "state". As such, decisions must be made by the closest applicable level of national self-interest, and the economy be comprised of the smallest possible cells working as a network for the purpose of resiliency. Bigger is lesser, not greater. The village remains the best lawful body for human organization.

So, it is now clear that the vast majority of work is not worthwhile because the fools and predators at the controls of the economy are degenerate nihilists (or worse) who'd rather use us as human sacrifices to feed there inhuman appetites. This revelation sharpens when the record leading to the current state gets a critical inquiry, especially when digging into the personal histories of the major contributors of this present state of affairs.

Because, as it is now, the best way out is to come out of the cities, abandon the useless make-work, and start over as yeoman farmers and ranchers once more.

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