Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Narrative Warfare: The SJW List & Its Impact

I don't fight the culture war because I am a "culture war profiteer" or because I expect anyone to agree with me, I fight it because the SJWs in science fiction and gaming were not content to leave me alone to write my books and columns, or design and develop my games, in peace.
That's Vox Day, writing in this post about the SJW List and its reactions from "moderates".

Wars are not nice affairs. Culture wars may lack the killing and the dying (for now), but they are still wars, and as such treating them as sport (or even less dire affairs) is a mistake on all levels.

So, knowing that the SocJus Cult routinely deals in whisper campaigns, blacklists, and shaming attacks in order to de-platform and dis-employ their enemies it is only right, fair, and proper to turn that table around and return fire. By using verifiable actions and statements, the SJW List puts together a list of SocJus cultists and useful idiots and places them together in a clean, public list for interested parties (such as HR heads) to review at their leisure.

Expect this list to grow as more SJWs get outed by their own actions, or those of their peers, and thus meet the qualifications for admission. The cult is already concerned; there's been one attempt to get the site yanked via their ISP, and a DDoS attack, so far. We all know that hitting up a candidate's online presence is routine in hiring now, and that there are acceptable euphemisms for round-filing people, so having this list rise to the top is a big deal.

Why? No one wants to hire a troublemaker, and SocJus cultists are all about that shit.

So, The Supreme Dark Lord--in his mercy--encouraged the creation of this list so that so much unneeded waste and injury be avoided. Is he not merciful? IS HE NOT MERCIFUL?

He is. He allows the SocJus Cult to disqualify themselves, and merely collects what is verifiable for others to review and act upon as they wish. No need to do anymore more here, and yet this one action has already made a significant shift in the culture war, one that I fully expect will be met with still greater escalation by the Cult.

And I am glad to see it, for my involvement stems from the same source as Vox's: you cunts would NOT leave me or mine alone. You done poked the bear, so now you get mauled.

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