Monday, April 25, 2016

Podcasting: Liked It Enough To Finally Try It

This past weekend I appeared on a small podcast that I follow by the name of Geek Gab as the special guest. I'd never been on a podcast before, never been a guest on a show of any kind before, and never dealt in podcasting before (other than as a listener or viewer).

Well, it was about time that I got familiar with what I can readily do. I spent some time yesterday going through the process of setting up my YouTube account so I can do my own Google Hangouts (etc.) using their stuff and I'm going to make time to do a pilot run later this week. Don't expect to see my handsome face, or get loads of fancy graphics; let me nail audio and simple public performance skills before I bring any of that to the table.

A simple "Hello, this is me." thing is what I'll do. Short, sweet, and to the point. Once I've found my feet, I'll get more involved.

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